Computer Networks

We have experts in networks

We can help you plan, purchase, setup, upgrade, repair and run your computer network. Whether for a single desktop, a small office setup, or larger corporate environment we have the skills and experienced to assist you.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

We can provide assistance in planning and configuration of your local network including desktop computers, servers, wireless access points and Internet connections.

Network security issues

We can assist with selection and configuration of routers, firewalls, servers and anti-virus software to promote network integrity. In this way your computers and data are better protected against computer hackers and service disruption.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

From database designing, implementation and maintenance we always keep standard procedures and professionalism.

Internet access

We can help you choose between different Internet access approaches to find one that suits your operations and needs.


You can contact us so as we can discuss on how we can help you in the ICT world.
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