Adult Computer Training program

Are you 38 Years and Above?

The evolution of technology has created a big gap between people who know it, those who know little about it and those who are totally ignorant about technology.
DigBit Technologies provides Adults Compute Training Program (ACT P) where adult people (38-above years) are empowered by training them how to use computers to ease their lives.

Training Period

The program comprises of three training periods throughout the year i.e Januray-March, June-July and October-November. All out training and conducted in groups of 10 for better benefits of the trainees when it comes to hands on sessions

Place of training

For January-March and June-July Trainings are conducted at the company premises while The October-November training is always conducted in the selected rural district. Agreed place is set where people who applied for the training meet and then they are trained by our skilled trainers


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